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Access Legal Services in Los Angeles
Access Legal Services in Los Angeles
Divorce Separation
The procedure is carried out by preparing and filing a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution, together with a Property Settlement Agreement, with the County Clerk in your county.  
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Summary Dissolution
You can get a divorce through the Summary Dissolution procedure only if ALL of the following statements are true about you at the time you file the Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution.  
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Same day
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You may now purchase
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Same Day Marriage in Los Angeles
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Marriage License

Yes, it’s true! You do not have to travel to Las Vegas any more to get married in one day.   You may now purchase your marriage license and marry on the same day in Los Angeles. read more »

Same Day Marriage


These and many other immigration questions may be resolved with the help of Access Legal.  Our company specializes in Family Based Immigration.  Access Legal also assists U.S. Citizens to receive Fiancé/Fiancée Visas for their loved ones abroad.  
We also help with Adjustment of Status for aliens currently residing in the United States, as well as filing for U.S. Citizenship for qualifying U.S. residents.   read more »

Name Change

We will help you to obtain Name Change Decree through the Los Angeles Superior Court.  To save your time and money, we have outlined the procedure here for you. read more »
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Name Change

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Access Legal Services is literally your one stop shop if you are looking to get married fast. We offer legal services that will get you a marriage license in Los Angeles without the need to go through a lot of planning and spending a lot money! We also have a wedding chapel where you may get married with an official ceremony with all amenities provided for you. Take a look at our wedding chapel in los angeles where we perform a civil ceremony that satisfies LA County Registrars requirements to make your marriage legal. Whether you are looking to get married fast in LA or wedding chapels in los angeles we have what you are looking for without breaking the bank! Available Monday - Saturday by appointment. Call now to inquire. 818-448-3327. We are located right in the heart of LA!
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