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What do you need for your wedding ceremony?
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What do you need for your ceremony?

1.  All Identifications listed below must be valid/non-expired picture identifications with a birth date listed on the document:
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID Card
  • Military Service Naturalization Certificate
  • Passport
  • Alien Registration Card (formerly known as “Green Card”)
  • Identification Card issued by U.S. Government
  • Matricular Consular Cards from Mexico, Argentina, or Korea
  • Consular ID from any other country require a copy of your Birth Certificate with English translation*

one ID per person

If you do not have any of the listed above forms of ID or your ID has been expired you will need to obtain an identification through a local DMV or at your country’s Consulate/Embassy based on your Birth Certificate.

If you had been married in the past

2.  Proof of Divorce, Annulment, or Death Certificate:
If either party had been married in the past and the marriage has been terminated within 2 years from the desired day of your ceremony (license issuance), you must provide a certified copy of the documentation regarding termination of your previous marriage:

  • Dissolution of Marriage Judgement
  • Notice of Entry of Judgment
  • Annulment
  • Death Certificate if your former spouse passed away
  • Termination Order for State Registered Domestic Partnership.

* Our services include translations from most languages for a separate fee. The average cost of translation is $60 per page per document. Please contact us to inquire if translation from your language is available.

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